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Jamie Go


   I have been passionate about art ever since I was born. I am 16 and go to Fairfax High School and during my 16 years of living I've never stopped thinking about art and how much meaning it has in my life. During my free time, I make illustrations, videos, animations and comics. However, my work is not limited to only 2D, I also decorate cakes. I have been decorating cakes for a while and I know how to use icing including designing cakes with fruits and ornaments.

   During elementary to beginning of high school, whenever I got left out from others (whether it be lunch or any activity), I would always draw or watch animations. I never felt left out while drawing, it gave me an escape from reality and I was able to create my own world.

   Because art has helped me so much throughout my life, I want others to also experience the impact that art can have. My future goal is to help others with similar experiences as me get through their struggles and find meaning in their lives.

   Some skills I have are communication and time management. I work as a cashier in a restaurant and this requires me to communicate with others. At my art academy, I volunteered as a teacher assistant to help little kids draw during summer break.  For time management, I make sure to turn in all of my assignments and have uploaded each chapter for my webcomic in reasonable time. After being in a museum environment for Craft Youth Culture, I have a lot of experience and knowledge about exhibitions/museum foundations.


Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Paint Tool Sai, Clip Studio Paint 

The softwares that I know how to use efficiently.

Craft Youth Culture Teen Program

2023- April 2023

I started being part of the Craft Youth Culture in their teen program. This program brings various artists to show crafts and allows the student to deepen their perspective on the different kinds of art. 

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LAYAAS (Los Angeles Young Artists And Students)

2022 -  present

LAYAAS is a private non-profit organization that aims to further young artists and student's education through scholarships. LAYAAS functions by donations and fundraisers. 

Alexandria House


Alexandria House is a transitional home for both women and children that is community oriented. Once a month on Friday night, my family and I serve and donate food to Alexandria House. 



KYCC is a multiservice organization and their goal is to help at-risk youth. KYCC aims to help families with low privileges and transform the community. I volunteered for the KYCC summer bridge program and was able to assist teachers with kids. 

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InArt teacher assistant


I taught young artists in elementary school alongside a teacher at an art academy named InArt during summer break. My job was to help them draw and be there if any of the students needed help.

HSC (Heart Share Club)


I am the publicist and vice president of the club meaning, managing all of the club's social media, promotions as well as the website. I have made a new website and started brochures for the club as well.

Link to website=

Cake Decorator

2021- present

I decorate and send whole + sliced cakes in a bakery at downtown. 

Flute Player

2019- present

I have been playing flute for around 4 years. I started playing since around 8th grade and joined my school orchestra as well as other outside activities. For example, playing for charities or churches.

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